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Commercial Collection Agency Association WebsiteThe CLLA's Agency Section, also known as the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA), has over 100 member agencies and represents the most prestigious commercial collection agencies in the United States . The CCAA, works to elevate the standards of the commercial collections industry by providing educational, legislative, promotional and administrative services to its members.

The central focus of CCAA is the credit grantor. Our members work to provide you with the highest level of professional services in the commercial debt collection industry. When you use a Certified member of the CCAA you can count on persistent and attentive collection efforts coupled with the ethical treatment of you and your past due customers.

You can find a full directory of Certified Agencies by clicking here.

Membership in the CCAA, whose members are the only collection agencies in the United States certified by the Commercial Law League of America and authorized to display the seal of the Association, is limited to those select agencies in the country who continue to meet CCAA's rigorous criteria. These standards include:

  • An agency representative must be a member of the Commercial Law League of America.
  • The agency has been in business for a minimum of four years prior to application for membership in the CCAA.
  • A minimum of 80% of the agency's collection business must be commercial in nature.
  • The agency agrees to maintain a separate Trust Account into which all monies belonging to creditors are placed. This Trust Account is analyzed twice annually by the Executive Director of the CCAA.
  • The agency must agree to subscribe to the CCAA Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics sets ethical standards for the agencies dealing with customers, debtors and attorneys. A copy of the Code of Ethics can be found on this Web site. Failure to adhere to those standards may cost an agency its certification.
  • Agency executives must meet continuing educational requirements and attend regular CCAA meetings during the year. These meetings are both informational and educational in nature.
  • The agency agrees to post a surety bond in the minimum amount of $300,000 for the protection of the creditors it serves.
  • The agency must agree to random periodic site visits from the CCAA Executive Director.
  • The agency must be in compliance with all local and state regulations governing its operation of a commercial collection agency.

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous agencies who may claim that they are a Certified member of CCAA. The surest way to determine if the agency you are contemplating using is a Certified member of CCAA is to use the Commercial Collection Agency Association Roster on this Web site. If the agency is not listed in the roster, they are not a Certified member of CCAA. In such cases, we ask that you call or e-mail the Executive Director and advise her about the agency so she may take appropriate steps to have the agency cease their unscrupulous practices.

  • Annette Waggoner
    Executive Director
    Commercial Collection Agency Association
    P.O. Box 142
    Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0142
    Phone: 847-907-4670
    Fax: 847-496-736

The Commercial Collection Agency Association is overseen by the Board of Governors of the Commercial Law League of America.

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What Our Members Have To Say About The CLLA:

"I've built my practice on my continuous membership and participation in the Commercial Law League of America. I can honestly say that membership in the League is and has been to me of inestimable value."

-- Les Taroff
Roe Taroff Taitz & Portman, LLP
Bohemia, N.Y.

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