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George E. Warner, Jr., Warner Law, LLC

Photo of George E. Warner, Jr., Warner Law, LLC
Warner Law, LLC Work 120 S 6th St Suite 1515 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 USA Work Phone: (952) 922-7700 Work Fax: (612) 339-9055 Website: Warner Law, LLC

A life-long resident of the Twin Cities, George is a trusted attorney and legal counselor consistently recognized as one of Minnesota’s top collection attorneys.


From Fortune 500 companies to new entrepreneurs, Warner Law provides aggressive, competent and personal legal representation. Warner Law offers general counsel to both individuals and organizations on a variety of legal matters but maintains particular emphasis in the collections arena.

Creditors’ Rights, frequently referred to as “collections,” is an area of the law that touches on a variety of legal disciplines. It’s a field where clients are often best served by legal counsel well-versed in hands-on collection law (e.g., wage garnishment, bank levy, sheriff’s efforts), but also with a broad spectrum of legal experience – and a large measure of common sense and hard-earned gut instinct. Virtually any case can be thought of as a collection case, but collection counsel best shines in some specific situations.

Judgment Enforcement

We are frequently retained as legal counsel by other attorneys who specifically hire us for our experience and assistance in enforcing court-ordered judgments. We are well versed in the full range of post-judgment remedies available to creditors and the best approaches to reduce a judgment to money in hand as expeditiously and economically as possible.


We represent both unsecured and secured creditors in federal bankruptcy court by filing and enforcing proofs of claim, conducting Rule 2004 debtor’s exams, commencing adversary proceedings to object to debtor discharges and defending against trustee actions alleging preferential payments or transfers.


We assist general contractors, sub-contractors and industry suppliers with all manner of construction-related claims. We assist with everything from basic actions to collect past due receivables to navigating the specific rules regarding the proper filing and enforcement of mechanic’s liens on private projects, as well as pursuing state or federal (“Miller Act”) bond claims on public works projects.


For the insurance industry, we provide collection services for outstanding premium receivables on commercial liability, workers’ compensation or other policies. We assist with the pursuit of sums due following audit claims, short-rate claims and in subrogation settings.

Landlord & Tenant / Repossession

We assist property owners and managers with the eviction of non-paying tenants or tenants who have otherwise breached their rental agreements, and obtain and enforce judgments for rent, damages or other sums due.

Secured Transactions / Leasing

We assist creditors with security interests in real or personal property. From mortgage or lien foreclosures to UCC repossession and deficiency actions, we pursue all available statutory and common law remedies to ensure the prompt recovery of collateral and enforcement of deficiency balances. Additionally, we draft and review Lease Agreements and other credit instruments and collect money owed on for breached agreements and recover merchandise, when appropriate.

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120 S 6th St Suite 1515 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55402 USA