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Education Topics

2017 Legislative Forum: Will the 2016 election reset Creditors’ Rights in 2017? What changes are in store for the CFPB, Bankruptcy Venue and Preference Reform? What is the CLLA's position with regard to these issues? Take part in this important discussion about the issues and changes that will impact the Credit, Collection and Insolvency Industry.


Peter Califano, Cooper, White & Cooper
Lori Frank, LJ Frank
Daniel Kerrick, Ciconte, Scerba & Kerrick
James Kozelek, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) Who, What, Where, When and Why: This presentation will explore the rules, regulations, and basics of the TCPA, touching on who it applies to, why compliance is important, practical tips and suggestions, and how to avoid violating this protectionary statute.

Speaker: Donald Mausar, Weltman, Weinberg & Reis

Non-Strategic Planning - Where Are We and Where Should We Go: As CLLA departs from the “annual meetings in New York and Chicago” model, what is next and what should be next? Open to all attendees, this will be a lightly-moderated open discussion about trends in the economy and the industry and the state of the League.

Speaker: Beau Hays, Hays Potter & Martin

How Do You Know What Not To Do?: How NOT to present a complex case. Why NOT to consent to an arbitration clause.

Speaker: Emory Potter, Hays Potter & Martin

Structured Dismissals of Chapter 11 Cases: The Jevic ruling from the US Supreme Court has the potential to change the practice of bankruptcy. Hear from the professionals who handled it, firsthand.


Dan Dooley, Morris Anderson
Rob Feinstein, Pachulski Stange
Jim Stempel, Kirkland & Ellis

Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Law: This program will highlight recent Supreme Court and Circuit decisions which have an impact on your bankruptcy practice. An annual event at the CLLA National meeting which should not be missed.

Speaker: Ronald Peterson, Jenner & Block

Can Filing A Proof of Claim Violate the FDCPA? - The FDCPA and the Bankruptcy Code have increasingly come in conflict as Plaintiff’s lawyers contend that filing a proof of claim can violate the FDCPA. This term, the Supreme Court is poised to answer the question of whether filing an accurate but time-barred claim violates the FDCPA and the larger question of whether FDCPA actions can be based on proceedings in bankruptcy. Find out how these two federal statutes interact and how the Supreme Court may rule.

Speaker: Steve Sather, Barron & Newburger, PC

What's In a Credit Report?: What does that number mean? What do those columns signify? Come learn how to read both a consumer and a business credit report, and learn about how reporting works, and what you're allowed to do.

Speaker: Mark Updegraff, Experian

Trends in Asset Purchasing : What a Debt Buyer looks for in a Law Firm; and what a Firm should expect from a Buyer client.

Speaker: Todd Lansky, Esq., President of Debt Buyers Association

Strategic Techniques from a Collector's Perspective: A "How To" Seminar with a systematic approach, how to qualify whether a matter is suitworthy for legal forwarding, best practices to get a debtor on the phone, and other advanced techniques.

Speaker: Lawrence Butterfield, Commercial Services Group


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